It is the RSB’s policy that the organisations it accredits under its ESCO accreditation scheme should be able to benefit from their accreditation status through the use of an ESCO Accreditation Logo (“the Logo”).

Only organisations accredited by the RSB may use the Logo: on stationery, quotations for work, reports, websites and brochures, and other items relevant to the organisation’s accredited activity. The RSB has provided Accredited ESCOs with terms and conditions that must be followed for the use of the Logo.

The use of the Logo does not in any way imply that the RSB has reviewed or warranted any product, service or document supplied by an Accredited ESCO. The RSB accepts no responsibility whatsoever for activities carried out by Accredited ESCOs under the scope of accreditation.

It is the responsibility of every Accredited ESCO to minimise the risk of a client/reader being misled as to the extent and limitations of its RSB accreditation, whether it be in relation to quotations for work, work being undertaken, results being reported, the use of sub-contractors or in any publicity material used for advertising activities or services. The Accredited ESCO shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that appropriate wording is used by any client when referring to the use of an Accredited ESCO and its accreditation status.

Where ESCO related activities are promoted, performed and/or reported jointly by accredited and non-accredited organisations, the RSB requires the ESCOs and advises their clients to distinguish between the activities that are covered by the Accredited ESCO(s) and those that are not.

The Logo is only valid during the time period inscribed within it, which is set by the RSB depending on the type and date of ESCO accreditation. The RSB will issue updated logos upon ESCO accreditation renewal or update.

Any misuse of the Logo should be referred to the RSB.