From 14 March 2016, ESCO Accreditation by the Dubai Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau is mandatory for ESCOs wishing to participate in Etihad ESCO tenders. This is subject to a 6 month compliance period to allow ESCOs to seek accreditation. After 14 September 2016, non-accredited ESCOs will not be accepted to participate in Etihad ESCO tenders

A framework for the ESCO market

Dubai has set ambitious targets to improve the efficiency of energy use in the emirate, aiming for a 30% improvement by 2030. ESCOs, or Energy Service Companies, are seen as a potentially valuable way of delivering energy savings. The distinctive feature of ESCOs is that they offer “performance contracting”, that is they assume some risk for the delivery of the energy saving measures they propose to a client.

The RSB has developed a regulatory framework intended to support the ESCO market, comprising an accreditation scheme for ESCOs, standard contracts for use by ESCOs and their clients , a protocol for measuring and verifying energy and water savings, and a tailored approach to resolving disputes.

To learn more about each of these initiatives, apply for accreditation or to download standard contracts or the measurement and verification protocol, please click on the relevant links below.

ESCO Accreditation
Measurement and Verification
Standard Contracts
Dispute Resolution