The accreditation scheme aims to give prospective clients confidence in contracting with ESCOs by recognizing companies which have: appropriately qualified personnel in the organization; robust financial status; and a track record of successfully delivering energy saving projects in Dubai.

We have also developed a provisional accreditation option to recognize ESCOs that have a robust financial structure and appropriate skills and qualifications to deliver ESCO projects but do not have the required track record of project delivery in Dubai to achieve full accreditation.

The decision to accredit ESCOs is made by an accreditation board which will assess applications according to the criteria set out in the application process. The board has powers both to accredit ESCOs and to remove accreditation if the company subsequently fails to meet the accreditation criteria. Members of the accreditation board come from the RSB and from Etihad Energy Services.EES has been established to fulfil the role of “super-ESCO” in Dubai, working with other ESCOs to deliver energy savings projects for public and private sector clients.

The register of accredited ESCOs lists the ESCOs currently accredited and their particular expertise with regard to Energy Performance Contracting be it lighting, HVAC, insulation etc.
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